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OLYMP SS16 Lookbook

Located 20km northwest of Stuttgart, in Bietigheim-Bissingen, are the headquarters of German fashion retailer, OLYMP. Established in 1951 by Eugen Bezner, 65 years later OLYMP maintains their status as an owner-operated family enterprise. 2016 sees an innovative addition to the German fashion brand with the launch of the OLYMP No. 6 super slim shirt. The product is designed with athletic individuals in mind and anchors the SS16 collection, as seen in this season’s lookbook.

The No. 6 super slim shirt is a natural progression from OLYMP’s youthful Level Five range and fits seamlessly into the OLYMP product portfolio. CEO Mark Bezner states, “The introduction of the OLYMP Level Five body fit several years ago was already a decisive step taken in order to meet in an optimum manner the changing needs of the market towards slim fit garments.” Bezner continues, “There is an ever-increasing demand at home and abroad for the quality and comfort of our premium products. Distinctive design, fashionable styles and exceptional wear and care benefits are becoming increasingly appealing to the customers. With the OLYMP No. 6 super slim we want to capture a further consumer target group and a new sales segment.”

Those behind this season’s lookbook and subsequent advertising campaign state that the OLYMP man is successful. However, success is not only defined by individual abilities – it is also a question of image. The brand identity which OLYMP projects is one of quality, luxury, versatility and excellent value for money and these characteristics are in abundance in the SS16 collection. Selected images from the SS16 lookbook are shown below.

The SS16 collection can be purchased online and in selectedretailers.

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