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The Origami House, Shoreditch

I discovered London’s Design Haus Liberty, an award-winning architecture and design studio, through an interview the BBC conducted with their founder, Dara Huang in which she discussed the success of her business, entrepreneurship and the importance of having a “clear vision,” and “believing in what you do.”

Huang applies this philosophy to the project’s Design Haus Liberty works on, which include local and international residential, office, retail, and hotel developments. One of their projects that caught my attention is the Origami House, so called because of the building’s uniquely shaped internal walls and the influence this structure has on the recently renovated apartments housed inside. The building can be found on Shoreditch’s City Road and was developed in collaboration between Design Haus Liberty and their client, Eurobridge.

What attracted me to the property is the concept behind the redevelopment, one of clean and refined living in east London. To achieve this, the project included a re-design of the exterior of the building including the construction of a private entrance for tenants, an overhaul of the interiors, reinstating existing blocked windows, in addition to the creation of a commercial unit below the apartments.

Throughout the project, those involved ensured that the building and its interiors, upon completion, fit into the surrounding neighbourhood seamlessly. In interview with Dezeen, Huang states, “the Origami House treats the irregularities of the site as opportunities rather than constraints.” She added, “Similar to how origami pays attention to each fold and crease on the paper, the form and layout of the Origami House pays attention to the triangular floor plate and structure of the former building and folds to create unique spatial and visual connections for its inhabitants.”

Upon entering the Origami House, future inhabitants will find an environment which has received careful consideration to form a space which features creative design, is light, calm and inviting for all who visit.

Design Haus Liberty can be found online and visited on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.