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Hilbrand Bos: Fashion & Lifestyle Illustrations

I discovered Hilbrand Bos somewhat by accident. In fact, I came across his work whilst scouring my Twitter feed.

Bos’ artworks focus on lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Each demonstrating the many hats he wears in his professional life as a clothing designer, entrepreneur, artist and fashion illustrator for various lifestyle publications. For example, ADAM, the bilingual Swiss lifestyle magazine for stylish men and the online menswear publication, MNSWR.

Bos’ illustrations contribute an additional dimension to the essays they are included alongside. The artworks create a visual representation of each text, which, in turn, make the reading experience far more enjoyable as a result of their inclusion.

For those wanting to purchase or commission artwork, Hilbrand Bos can be found online at Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Patreon.