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The Hiut Denim Co. & The Town Making Jeans (Again)

Many brands experiment with fabrics, fits and colours, often having a wide variation from season to season. Then, most brands don’t concentrate on doing one thing well. That’s just one way The Hiut Denim Co. differentiates themselves from their competitors.

The Hiut Denim Co. was founded by David and Clare Hieatt in Cardigan, West Wales. The town was home to Britain’s largest jeans factory which manufactured roughly 35,000 pairs every week for nearly 40 years. However, one day the factory closed. To combat this closure, and get their town making jeans again, the Hieatt’s have developed a ten-year plan. To do this, they’ll use the best quality denims, cut them with an expert eye, before unleashing their ‘Grand Masters’ behind the sewing machines to work their magic. The workforce can manufacture approximately 100 pairs of Hiut’s a week, as they “are here to try and make the best jeans we can and not the most jeans we can.”

One of the things I like about The Hiut Denim Co. is that, through their blogs, they share their vast knowledge of their products with their consumers. Another thing is their policy of free repairs for life.

My favourite pair of Hiut Denim jeans are the Selvedge Hack@ Fit, which is designed as a slim fitting five pocket jean, created from 100% indigo-dyed, raw selvedge 14.5 oz. denim, and woven on a 1959 shuttle loom from Kuroki, the iconic Japanese mill. Other detailing on the jeans are the coin pocket’s capacity to fit an iPhone 5 in addition to the back pocket being a little smaller and a little higher, making the jeans look better whilst key stress points are bar-tacked for extra strength.

There are other collections available for perusal and purchase, such as the Organic, Tech Jean and Short Run, which can be found online and in other stockists worldwide.

There is a lot written about the benefits of selvedge denim, with many perceiving these benefits to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick. However, as Matt Allinson of Vantage (UK) magazine writes, “Ultimately you get four benefits from selvedge denim. Due to the ‘self-edging’ you get a better finish and therefore a better quality of denim. The cut will be better and more precise because of the narrow weave used and will keep their shape no matter how many times you wash them. The jeans will be more durable and long lasting thanks to being self-edged and generally, due to the unique stitching, are more distinctive from other jeans. So you get quality, durability and individuality all in one bag.”

The Hiut Denim Co. can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and their collections can be shopped here.