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Nettie Wakefield, Reverse Portrait Pencil Series

London-based artist Nettie Wakefield has recently became primarily known for her Reverse Portrait Pencil Series. Wakefield writes on her blog that she is and “most likely always will be, totally obsessed with hair.”

Seeing this post, I realised why the Reverse Portrait series had captured my attention as it had other peoples. Often, we expect to see changes that have, and are, occurring in individuals lives displayed in their facial features or their demeanour if we know them well enough. We never really notice when someone displays these changes in a less obvious way – for example, with a different way of dressing or a new hairstyle. As Elephant Magazine writes, Wakefield’s work accentuates the details of the human physique that typically escape our attention. That is what makes Nettie’s works so captivating.

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Images courtesy of Nettie Wakefield.