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A Selection of Cufflinks

Lanieri writes that, “A man able to customise his outfits by choosing refined details, returns to others a more determined and self-confident idea of himself.” This sentiment is something I have to agree with, completely. As men we don’t have the opportunity to wear jewellery that is extravagant or indeed, gauche in design – and those of us with female partners who appreciate this type of statement jewellery leave it to our companions to do so, lest we risk looking like a Geordie Shore/TOWIE hybrid, circa 2012.

We do, however, have the opportunity to wear cufflinks, which can add a distinguishing feature that enhances most looks. However, it should be noted that when wearing cufflinks, you should only wear them when wearing a French cuff shirt. These type of shirts are primarily worn in an office-environment, or at more formal parties, where you might wish to enhance your appearance. With the addition of cufflinks to a French cuff shirt, you will be perceived as polished and well-dressed as opposed to having your sleeves hanging loose at your wrists.

With the example of an office-environment or a business party, you can show aspects of your personality with cufflinks. However, the style of your cufflinks can also act as a signifier to your social standing within an organisation’s hierarchy.

Included below are a selection of cufflinks I’ve found from various brands which would look fantastic with plain, striped or patterned shirts. If you wanted to create your own bespoke cufflinks you could visit Longmire.