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Kenzo A/W 2015 Advertising Campaign

For their A/W 2015 advertising campaign, Paris-founded and California-designed Kenzo collaborated with filmmaker Gregg Araki on a short film, Here Now. The film shares similarities with Araki’s previous work, particularly, 1997’s Nowhere in that there is a certain eccentricity to the plot, and that Here Now features up-and-coming names, much like Nowhere did with actors Ryan Phillippe and Rachel True.

When speaking of their collaboration to Dazed magazine, Kenzo co-Creative Director’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon said, “For us, he’s definitely a director of our generation. We’re interested in instilling culture, whether it is sub-culture or pop culture into all of our projects, especially at Kenzo. We reached out to Gregg and we asked him, as fans, would he shoot an original film that would eventually become an ad campaign.”

The short film – which can be watched below – is set in a California diner and features performances from actors Jane Levy, Grace Victoria Cox, Jake Weary, Jacob Artist and Avan Jogia, styled in items from Kenzo’s A/W 15 collection. This, Araki states, is because the clothing enhances “the psychedelic kaleidoscopic viewpoint of the movie.”

Following the release of the film, Kenzo subsequently launched their print campaign for A/W 2015, to run in selected publications throughout the respective fashion season.

The print element of the advertising campaign has echoes of 1960s European movie posters and sees the film’s cast positioned against solid orange and pink backgrounds. The print advertisements serve several purposes – to increase awareness of the collection and the collaboration between director and designer, and to create interactions between the brand and potential consumers as the print advertisements lead those who see them to the film on the Kenzo website.

The Kenzo A/W 15 collection can be purchased here.