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Throne Watches 1.0: Style & Authenticity


When the founders of Throne watches got together their initial idea was: make leather watch straps by hand and partner them with vintage watches. Since then, Throne has diversified into belts, the first of which are available for purchase, now, in addition to strengthening their watch offering with the launch of Throne 1.0. Built from quality parts and assembled in America, Throne watches have been defined as ‘classic, simple, and beautiful timepieces’. Those behind Throne also plan to implement a full line of quality products that encompass their passion for music, fashion, and utilitarian lifestyle.

throne 1.0-1

Worn & Wound write that, ‘the straps have a unique design to them that speaks to their handmade nature. All are made from Horween leather of varying styles, and are straight cut with out edge finishing. The leather is folded over in a very matter of fact way to create slots for spring bars, which is glued in place and tacked off with a signature “x” stitch. The rough edges, heavy stitching and coarsely cut tips create a strap that is altogether the opposite of the pristinely crafted straps we typically see. But in being so unrefined, they have a rugged quality that exudes personality.’

To see a video of how these timepieces are created, watch below. (Yes, I made a pun, sue me.)

The selling point of Throne watches, is the longevity of the product you’re purchasing – it’s something you can pass on to your kids. It’s handmade, where most things are factory-produced, so there’s a sense of authenticity to what you’re buying and ultimately, style. It’ll go with most things in your wardrobe and look good on your wrist.

watches 1.0

For those who want to purchase a Throne 1.0 watch, the process is fairly easy. Go to the website, select the face, then the band, and your order goes from there.

Throne can be found at Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.