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Pool, Art, Life.

Built in 1929 and famed for its indoor and outdoor pools, one of which transformed into an ice-rink in winter, the Molitor spent several years being renovated by the Accor group who converted the buildings into a luxury hotel and private members club, with the assistance of French interior designer Jean-Philippe Nuel.


The finished product combines the glamour of its youth with the work of street artists, many of whom will have been inspired by the graffiti that adorned the buildings after the Molitor closed its doors in 1989. The ice-rink festivities concluding 11 years previously.


Those who lounge by the pools now may not have an Olympic swimmer, who eventually became a Hollywood actor teaching them how to dive and they may not be an audience to the unveiling of the first bikini by dancer Micheline Bernardini, as those in 1946, were. However, what those visiting the Molitor today will have is a unique experience not found anywhere else in Paris.

at night

The outdoor pool is the focal point of the Molitor, with rooms arranged over a surrounding three-story structure, whose form echoes the ocean-liner shape of the hotel’s original enclosing walls. Its entire facade is rendered in deep ochre yellow, which was the original colour of the building. Nuel says, “It was a vital piece of information for me, as I needed to incorporate the colour into the interior decor. But that’s the thing with working with historic buildings; they lead you to unexpected places.”


Following this, Nuel’s team extensively photographed the street-art-blanketed structure—fragments of which were then transferred to large decorative panels and carpets that adorn the meeting and dining areas.


Many of the suites – all of which look out onto the summer pool – are luxuriously minimalist, decorated in shades of white and grey, complete with furnishings which were designed specifically for the hotel.


A rooftop terrace is adorned with colourful furniture, surrounded by a restaurant, lounge, and garden area with panoramic views of the city. There is also a Clarins Spa and state of the art gym. However, there is limited membership available to the pool club for residents.

For further information regarding room availability, membership and pricing, please visit The Molitor Hotel here.