Boda Skins: Leather to Love Forever

Described by founder Nathan Alexander, as “Leather to love forever”, Boda Skins offers a modern take on British heritage with their leather jackets. Founded in 2007, jackets such as the military, classic and biker have intricate details woven throughout their design with the Kay Michaels Quilted Biker, as seen below in Oil Black, being one of the most popular.


The product is described as “the iconic Boda Biker” and features sleeves crafted with Boda Skins’ signature tucking technique. “The tailored fit of the quilted body evokes the nostalgia of British racing heritage while the zippered accents give the jacket a modern edge. Crafted from butter-soft Napa leather, the Quilted Biker easily transitions from leisure to luxe, making it the perfect wardrobe staple.”

boda skins promo img

The promotional images associated with the product show the carefree attitude found primarily in British summer at beaches and festivals around the country from Glastonbury to Bestival. However, the product and promotional images also demonstrate that the wearer is a discerning individual, who appreciates a product manufactured to a high standard with history behind it – that of bikers and of the brand.

Boda Skins’ products are designed in Manchester but manufactured in the small village of Suçati, Turkey, by sixteen expert leather-smiths who artfully craft each jacket using traditional tanning methods. This ensures that the manufacturing process stays environmentally friendly and that the product can be passed on through generations of families, showing that Boda Skins jackets really are ‘leather to love forever’. A sentiment reflected in their commitment to stylistic integrity and quality without compromise.

The jacket featured is available to purchase here, priced at £389. Boda Skins can be followed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.